Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sweet Scalloped Beanie

Gracie showing off :)
Rear View

This Sweet Scalloped Beanie is extra easy to make and works up very quickly.

It is the last of the patterns that I purchased on Etsy from Speckled Frog.

I used Michael's Impeccable worsted weight yarn.

I have to admit that I mis-counted my pattern rows so I had to add 2 more rows of single crochet before the the shell stitch border.  But if I didn't tell you then you would never know!  So, take the author's advice and mark your rows!  I found it difficult to count the rows and I have been doing this for over 30 years :)  Did I say that out loud?

I plan on making more of these for Christmas presents and for the boys I am going to omit the shell border and just add a couple additional rows of single crochet.

Slouchy Shell Hat

Partial Side View
Front View
Carter really liked this hat and it stays on his head!  This is another pattern I purchases on Etsy from Speckled Frog.  Yes, it was one of four patterns I purchased as part of the special she runs on her shop.  It is another pattern that is easy to follow and works up quickly.  I used Red Heart Super Saver.  You really should check out her shop!  :)

Nubby Aviator Hat

Partial Side View
Side View
Front View
I made this for a baby shower gift and have not grandchildren small enough to model it for me so was forced to use a doll :)

I used Bernat Softee Chunky for the main color and Patons Melody for the trim.

The pattern is very easy and the instructions are well written.  The hat worked up in 2 hours from start to finish.

I purchased the pattern on Etsy from Speckled Frog.  She has a special where you can purchase 3 patterns and get 1 free.  So basically 4 patterns for $15.

This hat pattern includes newborn to adult sizes. Absolutely love it!  Oh, and did I mention that you are free to sell your finished items?  Can't beat that!

Ribbed Crochet Wristlets

Ribbed Crochet Wristlet - Pattern by Janet Spirik.
I absolutely love this pattern!  It works up in 2-3 hours and they fit perfectly!  I purchased the pattern on Etsy from Janet Spirik.  A visit to her shop is truly worth it!  This pattern was only $4.00 and I know I will be making lots of these for  Christmas presents!

The pattern only takes 3 ounces of yarn and for this pair I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

This pair was made especially for my niece Mikayla!

Simple Ripple Baby Afghan

Simple Ripple Baby Afghan
Close-up view of Simple Ripple Baby Afghan

This is a free crochet pattern that you can find on Lion Brand.  The direct pattern link is here.

I used a J hook and Vanna's Choice Baby yarn.  As I was able to purchase the yarn at Job Lot, the total cost for the afghan was $9.

I don't yet have someone to give this to you, but I am sure that I will find someone :)

If you are looking for a very easy pattern then try this one out.   It took me about 15 hours to complete, but it is one of those patterns that you can pick up easily in between other projects.  I completed this one during a vacation to Cape Cod during this last summer.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Newsboy Cap

This pattern has a little 'attitude' and is quite easy to work up.  The pattern can be made in masculine colors and is very suitable.  I purchased the pattern from speckledfrogcrochet on Etsy.  The direct link to the pattern is here.  The pattern is $4.99, but she runs a special of buy 3 get 1 free - so basically 4 patterns for $15.  She also allows you to sell the items that you make from the pattern.  The pattern works up in about 2 hours.

I used worsted weight yarn - Vanna's Choice Baby - it is such a soft yarn and you can purchase it at Ocean State Job Lot for $3 per 7oz skein.  In Michaels and other stores they charge more than that for the 3.5 oz skein.

Gracie modeling the newsboy cap.
Closeup of stitch and brim of newsboy cap.

Single Crochet Cap for Boys

My grandson, Cameron, requested a new hat :)  I made this pattern up as I went along.  I did not document it so will need to do that now that I see it!  I really like it and it has a much more masculine feel to it.  I used Red Heart Super Saver (worsted weight) and a J hook.  It took about 1.5 hours to complete.