Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sweet Scalloped Beanie

Gracie showing off :)
Rear View

This Sweet Scalloped Beanie is extra easy to make and works up very quickly.

It is the last of the patterns that I purchased on Etsy from Speckled Frog.

I used Michael's Impeccable worsted weight yarn.

I have to admit that I mis-counted my pattern rows so I had to add 2 more rows of single crochet before the the shell stitch border.  But if I didn't tell you then you would never know!  So, take the author's advice and mark your rows!  I found it difficult to count the rows and I have been doing this for over 30 years :)  Did I say that out loud?

I plan on making more of these for Christmas presents and for the boys I am going to omit the shell border and just add a couple additional rows of single crochet.

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